Ensure protection and enhance clarity with protective eyewear like snowboard goggles and ski sunglasses.

Snowboard goggles are a must on the slopes as protective eyewear. Ski sunglasses will protect your eyes from damaging UV rays. riding snowboards down the mountain on a bright sunny day after a night of powdered snowfall is fantastic.

As you continue down the mountain your snowboarding goggles will protect you from the suns rays that reflect off of the snow and ice that is all around you.

Protective eyewear like ski sunglasses are crucial at this time because as the suns rays are reflected off the snow the rays become 150 times more intense. Without proper goggles for eye protection, you could cause permanent retina and cornea damage.

Check out our merchant guide below for top quality goggles and protective eyewear, for maximum UV protection.

Snowboard goggle standards for protective eyewear.
There are a couple of factors you should look for when choosing goggles and ski sun glasses. A top priority for protective eyewear is fog control. Get goggles that have double lenses and good venting.

Double lenses, have a little air space between each lens, this helps to eliminate any fog buildup.

Choose goggles that are designed so that they fit within the frame of a helmet. This kind of protective eyewear will have a long strap to go around the snowboard helmet , with a buckle attachement.

As a snowboarder you’ll be riding sideways with each turn. Therefore you’ll need to see sideways. Get snowboard specific goggles which will provide you with maximum peripheral vision.

For those of you who wear glasses or contacts, amazingly there are UV protection prescription goggles. This protective eyewear will allow you to leave your eyeglasses or contacts at home.

Give yourself the best in snowboarding goggles. Nothing is more sensitive to the elements, like snow, sleet, wind, rain, and UV rays than your eyes.

Top Quality Brands

Protective eyewear like snowboard goggles and ski sunglasses, are a very important item of gear when you are riding the slopes.

Take a look at our guide below choose from the best quality manufacturers like- Arnette, Apache, Oakley, Smith, Apex, Cariboo, UVEX, Electra and Killer Loop.

Read our snowboard goggle reviews right here.

Dragon Snowboard Goggles

Optical DX
Dragon snowboard goggles Optical DX model is the continuation of a amazing legacy. Dragon has the reputation as a crazy company. This craziness began on the shores of the ocean, chnaged to the motorcross track and then up to the mountains of snowboarding.
The Dragon Optical DX has a cool atitude. These snowboard goggles are designed for durability. Riding the slopes the DX will be able to handle rain, sleet, and severe snows.

On the mountain riding on a clear bright sunny day Dragon Optical DX snowboard goggles will do the important job of delivering full UV protection. From that protection you’ll enjoy DX’s optically true vision. You won’t miss a trick on the slopes.

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Oakley has designed the Wisdom goggle with amplified lens dimensions that increase the peripheral field and downward vision for snowboarding on the slopes. The Wisdom is contoured to the features of the face providing a precise, comfortable fit. This is also enhanced by triple-layer face foams.

To block annoying icy powder burners the Oakley Wisdom is armed with an arctic blast shield. Can you see through fog, not too clearly, well Oakley has retooled its goggles intake ports for channeled airflow that reduces fog, while directing air currents away from your eyes.

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Shield Technology gives the Anon Figment snowboard goggle the durability it needs to handle your blazing snowboarding runs down the slopes. This technology gives your goggles maximum resistance to scratching.

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Now matter which mountain your cruising down snowboard goggles, ski sunglasses are sure to enhance your clarity, focus, and protection.

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